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02.Land Management

Land Acquisition

Celestial Globe Group Ltd provides services of land acquisition for clients. After analyzing the clients’ demands and cash flow in detail, we can fully investigate the pre-acquired land and make a rational analysis based on its advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and challenges, offer suggestions on purchasing mechanism and financing choices, provide advised purchasing prices, help clients carry out negotiations, and cooperate with solicitor teams to propose the purchasing report.

Land Planning

Celestial Globe Group Ltd team provides advanced analysis of market information, assists customers in making decisions on real estate development and investment, and reduces risks and maximizes the profits.

Services provided by our land developers:

Land Development and Regeneration

LSCG has a rich experience on renovation of old houses, many a time successfully completing the tasks of purchasing, renovating, selling and leasing.

Our company has a professional team searching for properties that are sold lower than market price, possess the potential for renovation, and easy to apply for government’s license to renovate within budget for clients. We also provide specialized teams of architecture, interior design, decoration and construction, to accomplish the renovation. Our one-stop services are available, ranging from purchase, rent and administration to sale. Clients are guaranteed to get the highest ratio of investment to earnings.

The successful cases are shown below:

In 2012, Celestial Globe Group Ltd purchased a property from Oxford for the client with a total investment of 500,000 pounds. After renovation, it was priced by 700,000 pounds, possessing the ownership of a layer of rooms that can be either sold or rented. This project is a pub situated in town of Chipping Norton, which is 1 hour and 15 minutes’ drive towards northwest of London. The town connects M40 with easy transportation and consumption level keeps high, so the pub was bought by 250,000 pounds. The pub was renovated into two-layer building: there are 5 flats on the first floor with average prices between 135,000-145,000 pounds; the ground floor is renovated to office rooms with 4000 pounds rent per year. After completing this project, the client got back all the funds with 28% extra income, and could earn from the rent of a layer of office rooms every year.

In 2013, Celestial Globe Group Ltd helped a client purchase a mix-terrace house from Brixton in the south of London for the client. The former house owner was forcibly requested by local government to move out and reinstate its structure due to his illegal reconstruction. However, the former house owner unable to implement what government requested so he went for auction, but failed to sell it. The client finally bought it with price of 270,000 pounds. After the renovation, the house was separated into two two-bedroom units, priced respectively by 245,000 and 255,000 pounds. And the freehold property was priced 8000 pounds. Finishing the one-year project, all the investment was retrieved back with 45% rate of return.

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